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This very talented & special entertainer was worried that his career might be in the doldrums. He asked me for advice & I discovered that a previous life as a bitter & vengeful eunuch was blocking his ability to fully express his sexuality. It was also causing him to concentrate his vocal range around high notes like those produced by a castrato!

Paul was an unknown actor when, after an incredibly vivid dream, I urged him to accept a role as a character whose names began with P & H. The next day he called me back, absolutely amazed, to say that he was going to be "Peewee Herman". Since then Paul, aided by my special insight, has never looked back.

Gary, the ageless 'Leader Of The Gang', is one of the best loved singing stars in Great Britain. He calls me nearly every day and hasn't made a career move without my advice since 1972! Thanks to my psychic gifts, Mr Glitter remains a hot topic with both kids and their parents!