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I experience my gift in several ways. Sometimes I enter a trance and explore other planes or, whilst in that state, communicate with my Spirit Guides. My first trances, which occurred when I was a small child, were spontaneous and unplanned; they just came upon me. These days most of my trances are deliberately induced and many years of practice have given me almost total control of them, so that I can enter into them and leave them virtually at will.

My dreams are also a rich source of premonitions and prophecies. I believe that most of us can glimpse the future from time to time in dreams, though the majority of sleepers fail to retain the themes or messages of their dreams after waking!

Sometimes I am able to gain impresssions from objects and materials by touching and holding them. When this is possible, I may gain information about past or future events, though usually past events predominate because, as non-psychics seldom realise, many kinds of past episodes (particularly emotive or traumatic ones) can attach themselves to  the fabric of buildings, rooms, furniture and other objects.

I strongly believe that my gift should be made freely available to others. I do not charge for my advice, nor do I expect anybody to take it if they do not have faith in my abilities. As many psychics will tell you: For those with faith no proof is necessary, for those without faith no proof is enough. It is up to my clients whether they take heed of what I have to offer. In fact, for legal reasons, I do not offer any guarantees, warranties or claims regarding the effectiveness of my advice. My services are free. End of story.