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My name is Judy Salmon, I have used my psychic gifts for many years for the good of others. I was born in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada and now live in Brighton, England with my husband Fingle and my two daughters Emily and Jocasta. It was as a small child that I first became aware of my special capacities of insight. One day, whilst playing in my parents' garden, I fell into a trance and had a vision of  my favorite teacher, Miss Kraus, screaming and falling from a high place. At school the next day the Principal announced that Miss Kraus had been killed in a climbing accident at the very time that I had experienced my vision.

For a while I was quite scared of my gift, but my grandmother (who was also psychic) encouraged me to use and develop it. When I was fifteen years old, I met my first Spirit Guide Red Feather. He acts as my intermediary with those who have passed on. Through him I can communicate with loved ones who are no longer with us on our current plane of existence. Red Feather can be moody and is not always co-operative, but he is a real character and usually incredibly generous. Later I encountered my other Guide the ever patient Mountain Goat, an old Medicine Man who continues his work of spiritual healing in the afterlife. He is often a steadying presence who arrives at moments when I sense hurt or suffering in my clients. He comes less frequently than Red Feather, but always manages to be there when he is most needed.    

Over the years I have shared my gift with thousands of people from all walks of life and I've met many famous individuals from the business and entertainment worlds. Some of them have allowed me to play a big part in guiding their careers and private lives. I believe that my powers come from God and that I have a duty to always use them in a caring and responsible fashion.

Since 2000 I have been involved with the Psychic League, an organization which was founded to promote higher standards of service and a consistent code of conduct for clairvoyants, mediums and other psychics. In 2002 I became the League's Membership Director, so I have the pleasure of both introducing fellow psychics to our fellowship and being their first point of contact if they have any problems or ideas worthy of a wider audience!